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Hascon Groundwork Contractors provide a broad range of driveway services and we have a portfolio consisting of both domestic and commercial projects. Some of our clients are the local authority and residential clients in the West Midlands.

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Block paving

Block paving is one of the most affordable products on the market. It provides a hard and durable surface while offering outstanding performance. At Hascon Groundwork Contractors we understand the intricacies of laying this surface. We offer an expert mechanical setup and skilled labourers, ensuring we deliver an efficient service, saving time and energy.

vehicle access

Depending on where you live, a dropped kerb can be referred to as either a footway crossing, vehicle crossover, or vehicle access. Dropping a kerb is a process that reduces the normal height of your kerb to a path/road, the kerb is then reinforced to be able to withstand the weight of a vehicle. Building a dropped kerb will save you from potentially being fined £1000, however, you may need permission to build one.


At Hascon Groundworks Contractors, we know that when it comes to tarmac, the most important thing is preparation. That is why we will take the time to assess your driveway to ensure if you need completely newly laid tarmac or simply a resurfacing. In terms of the process, tarmac is a very resilient substance, and with our extensive experience, we can lay it effortlessly while working around your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Access / Dropped Kerb


How much is going to cost per kerb?

All projects will vary in price depending on the specifications but we will give you an estimation. However, we have a standard cost which is calculated per kerb. £156 inclusive of VAT and that covers you up to a 1.7m footpath. If it's a new footpath there is a standard £780 which will cover up to 5 kerbs up to a 1.7m footpath.

How long does get a dropped kerb take?

At Hascon Groundwork Contractors we pride ourselves on working effectively and efficiently, we aim to spread out work over approximately one to two days.

Do I need to apply for planning in order to get a dropped kerb?

Yes, there is a rule that highways state that you do not need planning for a D-road, but the application is the same £121 paid directly to highways.

Will I get a guarantee with my dropped kerb?

Hascon Groundwork Contractors, a 2-year guarantee, beyond this point, the footpath will become adopted by the highways and will come under their care.


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